Hello! My name is Dana and I’m a photographer based in Joburg, South Africa.

Photography has taught me so much more than the ability to take a photo. 

Over time, I've noticed how certain fundamentals of photography have extended into my life. 

Photography has taught me the art of observation.

Taking a good photo requires you to to sit back and watch, to reflect before acting. You need to foster the ability to notice the little things - what the light is doing, how a slight perspective shift can alter the emotion of an image, how something seemingly uninteresting can be portrayed in a new way.

Photography has heightened my sensitivity to others and to myself.

It's important to monitor how emotions run through the course of a shoot and how they might affect the outcome. Does your subject feel uncomfortable or confident? Are you feeling frustrated or excited? It's interesting to see how emotions can completely change the result of a shoot. When you are sad do your images appear darker or more atmospheric? Does the subject matter change according to how you're feeling? Because of photography, I have developed a deep sense of curiosity towards my reactions and emotions to different situations throughout life.

Photography has taught me to embrace the shadows and protect the highlights.

Photography is all about playing with light. The shadows are just as valuable and important as the light, everything has its role. Photography has taught me to see the value and beauty in every situation.

Exploring this medium has been a wonderful journey, and the deeper I look, the more I see.

​Please send me an email if you'd like to discuss working together, I'd love to hear from you!