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In 2021, I was commissioned by Arete and Frontline AIDS to interview and photograph the formidable South African LGBTQ+ activist, Melody Seherrie. Melody channels the anger and hurt from past and present traumas into an unwavering determination to fight for equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community. It is something truly special to encounter an individual who is so self-actualised and focused on alchemising darkness into light.

"My main drive to be an LGBTQ+ activist in South Africa is because of the past experiences I have had – even to get just a portion of the space that is occupied by cisgendered, heterosexual people. This motivation is not just for the generation now, but also for those on their way – to pave the way forward for them. Hopefully, my actions will inspire somebody else, a younger generation that will continue the fight. That’s what motivates me."

Read more about Melody's story in a publication in GAY Times

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